Q: Who/What is The Taben Group?
A: The Taben Group is a billing and eligibility reporting company. We have been hired by your former employer to manage your insurance coverage premium collection process for them.

Q: Is Taben an insurance carrier or health care plan?
A: No. Taben is NOT an insurance or health care plan and cannot answer benefit or claim questions. Questions regarding plan coverage or health claims should be directed to your insurance / health care plan(s).

Q: When I send my health care premium to Taben, what do you do with it?
A: Taben simply collects premium on behalf of your previous employer. All premiums collected are forwarded to your previous employer just as if you had paid them directly.

Q: What if there has been a recent change in my health plan and my health plan has not yet sent me my new ID card?
A: Don’t worry. If you are properly enrolled and have made a timely payment, your ID cards will be sent to you by your health plan.

In the meantime, if you need to access health care, you can pay “out of pocket” for your health care or prescription. After your new coverage is activated simply submit a claim for reimbursement of your expenses to your health plan (not to Taben)

Q: What happens to my coverage when my spouse or I turns 65 or becomes Medicare eligible?
A: Your plan and / or premiums will probably change when you or your spouse reach age 65 or become Medicare eligible. If you contact us we can tell you the name of the plans that your former employer provides and the premiums for those plans.

However we are not health plan experts and cannot explain the plans offered or how they might coordinate with Medicare. You should consult your summary plan description or contact your health plan or previous employer to discuss the details of coverage after age 65 or Medicare eligibility.

Q: How does my coverage coordinate with Medicare?
A: You should consult your summary plan description or contact your health plan or previous employer to answer this question.

Q: How long do I have to pay premiums?
Your premiums are due on the first of each month.

Q: How do I add a new dependent to my coverage?
A: A new dependent is NOT automatically added to your Retiree coverage. You must notify Taben in writingwithin 30 days of your marriage or the birth or adoption of a child.

Q: How do I report a change of address?
A: All address changes must be submitted in writing . If you move out of the service area for your health plan you may be moved to a different health plan with a service area covering your new address.

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